More than 50 killed in pakistan mosque blast – reports, details

More than 50 killed in pakistan mosque blast – reports, details

IS has claimed responsibility for a devastating explosion in northern Pakistan, while militants also claimed the attack on a Shi’ite mosque in Peshawar.

The blast at the Baitul Haqqan temple in Gishri District killed at least 50 people and left at least 39 seriously wounded, and injured 300 others.

The explosion came as security forces continued their hunt for the killer who stormed into the sprawling Sikh temple in the district on Monday morning, armed with a sw제주안마ord and shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

“The bomber targeted a gathering that included the shrine’s elder and some local officials,” said the provincial interior ministry, adding that “a group of Taliban activists” is suspected of the attack.

A source added: “A car was also taken in the attack which killed some women”.

Image copyright AFP Image caption There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack

Peshawar is a major city with a large Muslim community and an ethnic Pakistani minority.

A senior official at the site of the blast described how it occurred.

The mosque compound is known to be a popular place to pray and worship, as well as a busy place for visitors. It’s also a well-known site for worshippers of different faiths in the city.

“On Friday evening the mosque had been lit up and the shrine had been lit,” resident Abdul Majidullah told Dawn News newspaper, adding that it is an easy target for attackers.

Analysis: Ismail Naseer, BBC News, Islamabad

The explosion was a blow to the security forces of the city. They believe that the bomber targeted the compound in response to heavy security activity that had been going on since the last week. The police have intensified patrols there. But this is not the first time that militants have used violence to get into places where prayers, celebrations and public gatherings are taking place.

화천안마The police have announced an increased presence in the area since theCDC 철도청 카지노 beginning of this week following the attack on the Baitul Haqqan shrine. They are trying to keep up with the activity and stop anyone or anything from gathering there. The target of their attack was supposed to have been a local leader, but the authorities are yet to know who it was.

What is the motive behind the attack?

Officials insist it was a result of the unrest sweeping through the city following the assassination of the military chief, Gen Abdul Qayoom Mehsud.