Iemma sends apology letter to indonesian governor

Iemma sends apology letter to indonesian governor

Sakae Fujita, president of Fujita Research Institute, has been appointed by Indonesia to lead a task force to research how better to tackle corruption, in order to improve the country’s human rights record in the wake of the scandal at the Rizal government.

Fujita is responsible 청주출장안마for the country’s National Anti-Corruption Agency (DADAP) and has worked closely with President Joko Widodo to combat corruption and abuse in politics.

The new government of Jok영양출장샵 영양안마owi had already acknowledged Fujita’s appointment in a statement on Monday.

In the letter sent to Fujita, she wrote that she had previously asked him to review the Rizal Government’s anti-corruption policy in light of the scandal.

“I want to express my sincere apology for having to ask you to undertake this task, which I know to be difficult. I hope that you will not take this task lightly or feel that your authority in this matter cannot remain unchanged.”

The letter continued: “I will not let this burden fall on any one person, but will consider the re구리출장안마port of the committee that you appointed and the recommendations it has made before making final recommendations.”

Fujita, who is also the former President of the Asian Development Bank, is understood to have taken his concerns about corruption to the top.

In January, Indonesia was involved in the largest anti-corruption investigation in the country’s history.

It involved the alleged involvement of high-ranking civil servants in the alleged illegal acquisition of RM5 billion worth of shares, cars and real estate in the city of Aceh, which is home to around 100,000 people.

On January 7, prosecutors announced the arrest of eight people who allegedly used bribes and influence to gain control of three big Aceh firms worth as much as RM300 billion.

The case was the largest ever in the country, affecting a number of key public sector companies and has shaken the country’s reputation as a safe haven for corruption.

(Source: The Star Online via Agence France-Presse)