Britain launches postal service privatisation in a bid to save public services Read more

Britain launches postal service privatisation in a bid to save public services Read more

“These proposals have been well accepted by MPs, local government members, councillors and people of all political persuasions. We urge the UK government to immediately provide greater clarity and certainty about the consequences of any reforms to its postal service.”

A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The Government has previously led a consultation on postal services, which we conti슬롯 사이트nue to encourage.

“In order to facilitate the delivery of essential services, the Department of Transport has launched a consultation on whether to offer a competitive market place for broadband and mobile broadband services.

“We a바카라re in consult바카라 게임ation with businesses, community, businesses, and the civil service, as well as with other interested parties to understand their views. The consultation will remain open until 29 November and open to comments for the full consultation period beginning 30 April 2014.

“We want to hear from citizens to deliver a better postal service for them, that is delivering more choices, delivering services that they need, and that people get more out of,” the spokesman added.

Kiribati confirms plans to buy land

Kiribati confirms plans to buy land

Kiribati has been buying land in neighbouring Kiribati and Micronesia for up to 500,000 rupees ($853).

The purchase price is believed to be around 1.6 million kroner ($2.18 million) but there are reports the new purchase has caused some property prices to fall to 2.75 million kroner ($4.7 million).

Some Kiribati media reports say the new land purchase is “a way of encouraging investment in the island’s economy, by improving infrastructure and creating jo예스 카지노bs”.

The purchase will not come as a surprise.

The government has done little in recent weeks to tackle the housing, education and food shortages in Kiribati and Micronesia, where many people have to rely on fishing and subsistence fishing for survival.

Kiribati’s finance minister Mina Luteti, who was in Micronesia on Saturday and whose government had recently announced its intention to buy the country’s vast landmass, has called for a more proactive approach to tackling the country’s problems.

“We need a more proactive approach. We need to get some help at the local level,” Luteti told Reuters in an interview.

Her comments follow remarks by Kiribati Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lote, who last week asked the United Nations for help.

Named as one of the UN’s key peacekeepers, Lote called on the international body to provide logistical and financial support t가평출장안마o help Kiribati and other Pacific Island states secure development.

On Saturday, President of the Federation of Kiribati and Micronesia Societies, Hadi Akhi, said he expected to speak on Sunday with a U.S. official responsible for helping build Kiribati.

“I have had discussions with the U.S. secretary of state [John Kerry] about the matter. I have asked the secretary of state about their willingness, if the islands could be developed, and his answer has made it clear to me that t세종출장샵hey are ready to make all efforts in helping them,” Akhi said, using the name of the US ambassador to Kiribati.

Kerry has said he does not see the need for a new U.S. Navy presence on the islands, which sit about 140km south of the coast of Samoa and just 55km east of Tonga.

The U.S. State Department has not responded to requests for comment.